Why Stechnolock?

About Us

Stechnolock is an International online publishing house that publishes Open Access Journals in the current research fields of science & technology.

We are a team of professionals with deep experience in the field of online publishing built stechnolock with a unique model to help authors and scientific community.

  • We ensure the high-quality review process and prompt support to the authors
  • We believe digital archiving is necessary to ensure that all the publications are stored in good hands for a longer period
  • Low cost high quality publishing
  • We do not encourage any kind of questionable practices in our services
  • We provide best services to our authors and continuously develop based on our authors and editors feedback

Stechnolock regularly works on reducing the costs of publishing and try to compensate those minimal costs to the publisher with advertisements of scientific products.

We will publish articles of various formats (i.e., HTML, XML, PDF, PubReader). Articles published by stechnolock are freely accessible to scientists, students and research people immediately after publication. All manuscripts published by us are peer-reviewed by an eminent editorial board of the respective journal.

Fast track peer review process

When research articles are of exceptional clinical importance and urgency, or where there is a public policy reason for urgent publication, we can fast track their internal and external peer review and offer full online publication within four weeks of submission. This formal fast track process is only for original research articles, although we may be able to offer rapid peer review and publication of other article types as appropriate.

Vision & Mission

Stechnolock is a growing open access publisher which work on a fundamental principle of "OPEN SCIENCE" globally. Below are few aspects we deliver

All the research published under stechnolock has been made open access which is free to access and licensed to reuse.

Stechnolock is committed to follow high standard and robust peer review process to maintain the integrity of the research information.

Stechnolock support scholars by promoting their research and provide visibility as much as we can. Also we would like to make sure that your research is easy to find and cite.